ShopMP Request

ShopMP Request

Please begin by selecting a request type. "Deals/Specials" will place a request to have a deal added to the application for your business. "Featured Business of the Day" will place a request to be featured on the selected date you enter (you may also enter a corresponding deal to your featured entry). "Push Notification" will place a request to have a push notification sent to all users at a specified date/time. "Addition/Change" will place a request to have your business information within the application changed/updated/added.

Featured Business Information

First select the date you wish to be featured (that date may already be taken at which point we will contact you with open date options). When entering information regarding the business of the day, you have an option to attach a deal to your entry that users will have a direct link to when opening the application. If your business has a description attached to it, you can leave the "Information" field blank and we will use the business description, otherwise you can have a custom description using the "Information" field below.

Deal Information

A deal will display within the "Dealfinder" page of the mobile application. Deals can be redeemed by the users in your store - they will display a redeem code that you can copy for your own records. If you wish a deal to be used only once by the user, be sure to select "One Time Use Only" in the deal type area. "Deal Header" will be a quick one line deal title that users will see when viewing all the deals. The "Deal Specifics" field will contain all the details for what your deal is offering.

Push Notification Information

Push Notifications send out a message to all users of the application. Our policy is that the max of one notification is to be sent out each day, and we handle request on a first come/first serve basis.