Why Mount Pleasant

“The purpose of the Mount Pleasant Business District Authority is to support, strengthen, grow existing and attract new businesses which will enhance the property values within the Mount Pleasant business district.”

Edward L. Christofano

Board President of Mount Pleasant Business District Authority, President/CEO of Christofano Associates, LLC


Mount Pleasant is one of the best places in the United States to live, work, and raise a family.

Population: 4,447

31,000 cars a day travel Rt 31 in Mount Pleasant.

Escape the heat from the big city.

Unemployment percentages

Location, Location, Location

Over 150 businesses thrive in the Mount Pleasant Business District. “We are the Gateway to Destination Everywhere!” From the city of Pittsburgh to the resort attractions of the Laurel Highlands.

Rich in Historic Attractions :
The Mount Pleasant War Memorial
The Mount Pleasant Glass Museum
Frick Park
Penn Park  *coming soon*
West Overton Museum
And much more!


  • Pittsburgh, PA: 30.5 miles , pop. 334,563
  • Greater Pittsburgh, PA: pop. 2,661,369
  • Greensburg, PA: pop. 14,660
  • Johnstown, PA: pop. 20,978
  • Uniontown, PA: pop. 10,231
  • Morgantown, WV: pop. 31,000
  • Philadelphia, PA: 233.0 miles , pop. 1,517,550

What is nearby: Scottdale borough, PA (2.0 miles ), Bear Rocks, PA (2.2 miles ), Norvelt, PA (2.2 miles ), Everson borough, PA (2.2 miles ), Calumet-Norvelt, PA (2.3 miles ), Calumet, PA (2.3 miles ), Hunker borough, PA (2.3 miles ), Mammoth, PA (2.3 miles ).

The Coal & Coke Trail begins in Willows Park, Mount Pleasant, PA.

Willow Park

Enjoy the beautiful trail either on foot or by bicycle that links Mount Pleasant and Scottdale. Click on the link for more information

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